Be Familiar with your Academic Calender.

IJMB runs year in year out. Interested candidates should take note and prepare so that they won’t waste valuable time at home.

IJMB programme is a  9-10 months intensive lecturing/Teaching/Coaching by IJMB lecturers who at some points have also gone through the programme. Some of our lecturers are the approved authors of the IJMB textbooks recommended by ABU, Zaria.

So candidates have an added advantage of learning through the source itself.


  •  November-  Registration starts till March ending,
  • April – Late registration .
  • March- IJMB lectures commences till December.
  • January-Revision starts .
  • January ending and February –IJMB examination last three weeks

What to Expect:

  • Theories
  • Practicals for Faculty of Pure Sciences.
  • Objective Questions
  • German Questions


  • November to March:  IJMB registration period
  • Mid March and April: Late registration and resumption of lectures (The late registration can attract #5,000 to #10,000 in the school fee
  • Mid April till December: lecture continues
  • January: Revisions  and preparation of exams
  • Late January and February: Commencement of Exam


  1. Click on “register now” above  and fill the fields with capital letters.
  2. Upload your passport
  3. After submission the school account details for registration payment appears.
  4.  Pay only into the school account details displayed after registration.
  5. Deposit/transfer #5000 into the school account details.


  • After payment scan the teller of the payment made and the form filled to ijmbdesk@gmail.com
  • Your Institute name, Full address, Admission letter will be sent to your personal email address.
  • IJMB syllabus for your course will also be sent to you on request


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